E-2 Visa

The E-2 Treaty-Investor visa is a long-term work visa which is renewable.
It granted to business investors from different countries that have signed a bilateral investment treaty with the United States of America. The duration of the visa is determined by the terms of the treaty based on agreement between the U.S. and investor’s country of citizenship.
Treaty Countries listed above – click on the picture.

The investor should form a U.S. company, which will operate the business that the investor will purchase. This company will act as the investor’s visa sponsor. The U.S. business and the individual investor, or employee, must also qualify for E-2 visa status.

E-2 investor visa qualification requirements:

Treaty Investor(s) with citizenship of a country having a qualifying investment treaty with the U.S. must own at least 50% of the shares of the U.S. Company.

  • The investment must be substantial and must be made with personal funds (or with a property backed loan that belongs personally to the Treaty Investor). The regulations don’t state a specific minimum investment. But the Treaty Investor have to care of the size of the investment (purchase price of the business and comprehensive business plan) must be sufficient to establish a profitable business with development and potential of extensions as the base of the growth of the revenues and company.
  • The company must redound to the development of the local economy to an extent that is more than marginal. For instance the investor cannot invest solely for the purpose of earning a living and just covering her/his own costs. Beyond paying the investor a lifestyle and living salary, the business must employs U.S. workers as employees and run a profitable business produce a profit.
  • Applicants must show that they have ability, capability, work experience and credentials that qualify them to perform the job that the U.S. company is offering them, and the Treaty Investor must intend to enter the U.S. solely in order to organize and manage the business.

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