Florida Business for Sale

Florida has become one of the most desirable states in the U.S. for businesses.

Florida repeatedly leads the U.S. in new business incorporations.

In addition, many businesses have relocated to Florida in order to escape over-regulation and high taxation.

Due to the many benefits of doing business in Florida, Chief Executive Magazine named Florida as one of the top two states for businesses in the U.S.

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What are the Advantages of Buying a Business in Florida?

  • Florida has lower business costs, compared to many other states
  • Florida has lower business taxes, compared to many other states
  • Florida has 14 foreign trade zones
  • Florida has plenty of electrical power
  • Florida has plenty of skilled human resources
  • Florida has public transportation options

Florida: Buying a Business in a Business-Friendly State

  • Florida’s leaders have worked together to create a business-friendly state; one that is favorable to businesses of all sizes, including some of the top corporations in the U.S.
  • Florida’s commercial real estate and business financing are more affordable than they are in many other states (i.e. California, New York).
  • Florida’s tax advantages (such as tax exceptions and no state personal income tax) help Florida businesses save money. Business owners enjoy Florida’s low-tax environment.

Florida’s Accolades – A Great State to Do Business!

  • Florida Ranked in Top 2 for Best States for Doing Business by Chief Executive Magazine (2012)
  • Florida Ranked in Top 5 for both Entrepreneurial Activity & Economic Dynamism in the Kaufmann Foundation’s New Economy States rankings (2010)

Florida is a Right to Work State

Like other top business states in the U.S., Florida is a right-to-work state, and according to several top economists, economies tend to grow faster in right-to-work states.