2015-2016 the best opportunity in years to emigrate or Invest in Florida.

Having had the opportunity over the past few weeks to brief a number of UK clients who are planning to emigrate or buy or sell property in Florida, it is apparent that there is cause for concern about the sales focused advice given by a number of companies, which can lead to major problems long after you have bought a home and or emigrated.

Many Brits live a very happy and successful life after emigrating to Florida – the proverbial wild horses would not drag them back to the UK. They love the sunshine and lifestyle, pay less in tax, keep more of their income, feel fitter and happier and less stressed and certainly don’t miss the overcrowding, aggressive and pessimistic culture which sadly seems to have become a part of life in Britain.

It really saddens me when I am over in the UK to see the problems that are in many ways steadily getting worse.

Indeed we point out why the next twelve months may prove to be the ideal time to relocate to Florida, as long as you avoid the key pitfalls which can trap the unwary Brit.

Amongst the main problems and pitfalls that has been flagged up by fellow Brits who have already bought in Florida are:-

  • Not being aware of the dangers of certain visas until they want to retire or their children turn 21, by which time it is too late and they have to return to Britain.
  • Being steered towards a business visa which is subject to review and can be withdrawn, rather than a visa providing permanent residence.
  • Paying too much for a property. Agents have been known to focus on property which pays that agent an enormous bonus or commission payment.
  • Buying in an inappropriate area or on a development attracting investors’ intent upon selling quickly. There are dangers following the flow and all too often so called impartial advice is in reality sales spiel.
  • Finding they have not had all the pitfalls pointed out, particularly hidden taxes, suspect home inspections etc
  • Discovering the mortgage they have taken out proves to be a very costly mistake.
  • Finding when they are selling, that their property is still on the market months later, at a time when other properties in their neighbourhood are falling in price.

Many Brits emphasised the importance of impartial advice  particularly as now  is very much the best of times and worst of times – probably the worst time to buy the wrong property or to sell certain property, but conversely it can be the best times to emigrate or to  buy the right property.

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Why now may be the time to relocate to Florida?

If you have been considering a move to Florida the next twelve months may have a number of advantages, particularly if you want the freedom to come and go or indeed seek permanent residence as a retiree or with your family.

  • A combination of high British house prices and a low point in the American property market with exchange rates dancing around the $1.6 mark (UK Pound to US Dollar) should enable you to sell your UK house and buy a house at a much lower cost in Florida.
  • In certain situations UK pension funds which were built up tax free can be transferred to the USA. When these funds are utilised following relocation and transfer to Florida there are certain specific circumstances where tax rates in Florida are at lower rates than would be the case in the UK.

Once you move permanently to Florida there are significant advantages relating to property.

  • Early planning is important in minimising the costs of health insurance and ensuring you opt for a reasonable programme – for example with pre planning, a couple may pay in the region of $550. There are also considerations with Medicare as you get older that require careful consideration.
  • On the visa front the $500,000 regional investment pilot project (The pilot is considerably lower than the usual $1,000,000, requirement).  The EB5 Visa Investment Program has been renewed until 2015 which is good news for everyone. The application process takes approximately 6 months, so you will need to start planning now if you are considering this option. Those British applicants first over are presently enjoying their Florida Lifestyle through the EB 5 Green Card.  This is a very positive program and one which makes it very clear as to the outcome of one’s immigration filing for Green Card.  There will continue to be a surge in demand for the EB5 Visa.
  • Figures published show significant differences in application success rates dependent on particular visas. Figures range from 100% for the most successful project, the overall average for all other investor category applications is 50% – so you may find it worth having a detailed briefing regarding the various options.

Current exchange rates mean the $500,000 regional investment project is probably near a low point in sterling terms and the recent launch of the several new regional investment centers under this visa programme has already attracted a significant number of applications from Europe and Asia.

All these points as well as lifestyle implications depending on whether you are considering relocating to Florida or retiring there, the cost implications, schooling,(children often worry about the different system, friends etc)  health insurance, different locations and pros and cons  and more are covered in our detailed emigration briefing programme

A key consideration is often -does Florida offer a better lifestyle option given our life in Britain and if so what are the options pros and cons of various visas.

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Buying a property

Brits buying in Florida sometimes make the mistake of buying on their own without independent advice or do not realise the implications of buying from sales staff whether they be Real estate agents or builders agents.

I often scratch my head when I see very overpriced developments advertised in British newspapers and at exhibitions with glowing  promises relating to value for money and investment growth, that bear no resemblance to the reality and yet conversely good buying opportunities (often under priced resale properties) often because they attract lower commission payments for agents.

As a result at a time when there are some significant bargains to be obtained in areas which are under priced and the bottom of the market is within sight in some areas (not others), British buyers must select an agent who is aware of the market conditions and the potential that the area of purchase is a good area.

We offer an impartial consultation by phone, email, or skype in the comfort of your home or office to fully advise you on al the options if you are thinking about buying a property in Florida. Alternatively if you prefer to make your own arrangements to buy you will be briefed on the key points to be aware off and have the opportunity to discuss the implications of various locations, your requirements, concerns etc.

For further information or to book a consultation appointment for a briefing please contact: peter@fligusa.com

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To sell or to hold on to your property in Florida

During recent meetings and travels around Florida it has become evident that many Brits did not benefit from independent advice prior to buying their property in Florida and have unfortunately fallen into a number of traps ranging from houses uncompleted several years later, declining prices, paying to much for their property, seriously underestimating certain costs( in particular taxes insurance and running costs) and are now at risk of making new mistakes when selling their property, which in certain areas

have often has been sitting on the market for many months

A dangerous but often made assumption seems to be selling a property in Florida is no different from Britain; in fact it could not be more different. For example in Florida many British sellers register with the Company who initially sold them the house and then adopt a completely inappropriate marketing strategy. There are very specific reasons why this may not work and why it can lead to a significant loss of money particularly in the present market.

Another common mistake is to assume listing with a well known brand name provides a specific level of service without understanding the reality of their self employed agents.

The result has in a number of cases led to the loss of several hundred thousand dollars, and the property remaining unsold for many months. This is a major problem in certain areas of Florida in the present market.

Many Brits find that once an Agency has obtained their listing, the initial claims soon evaporate to be replaced by a string of excuses. The big problem is often that British buyers have not received independent advice in the first place. Rather than pay for an independent briefing before making a major decision, they instead find themselves incurring a vicious circle of declining property values with bills for mortgages, property taxes etc still coming in.

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I have received the latest information, success/failure stories, fees etc from various Attorneys whilst over here regarding the visa situation – including one particularly long briefing with one of the specialised emigration attorneys concerned about the number of Brits running into problems after moving to the States because of inappropriate business/visa options taken when they first applied in Britain.

There are certainly key points to be aware of regarding the E2, L1 and EB5 which are still not being flagged up and all too often incorrect information causes problems at a later stage. It cannot be emphasised enough that simply because you have run a viable business in the UK you will not always have the same results in the USA – sometimes people do and sometimes they don’t, which can lead to them having to leave.

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of taking measured advice before embarking on a major move such as emigration. So many people feel the web has given them expertise in all fields but there are times you need a proper dialogue with someone who has not only done what you are considering but worked with several hundred people who have moved and bought or sold property in Florida and benefit from their experiences – both good and bad!



If you have any of the following questions a free consultation may well be of interest.

Is the property situation as bad as painted by the UK press – better or worse? If you are thinking about buying in the next year it is important to be briefed on all the facts.

If you are considering buying property in Florida do you know all the implications? Beyond the promises from the sales staff

If you are selling in certain areas what is the reality and how do you find an agent who is on the ball rather than full of false promises

What is the reality on the emigration front, again there is a lot of talk regarding various options but what is happening.

Are the opportunities in the USA worth the risk of emigration for me and my family?


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